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Health / Time

25,000,000 Health - 72 hours

Loot Drops

Epic: Orange Trim Hammer, Orange Flute, Ullis the Soultaker (general), The Warwalker's Boots (boots), Warmaster's Helm (helm), Thersites' Gloves (gloves), Greaves of the Lost Legion (boots)
Rare: Purple Trim Ring, Purple Flute, Adamantite Breastplate (chest), Unicorn (mount)
Uncommon: Green Trim Boots, Blue Trim Chest, Green Flute, Blue Flute, Pearl Ring (ring), Night Blade (troop), Captain's Hammer (main hand)
Common: Brown Trim Helm, Grey Trim Shield, Brown Flute, Grey Flute, Diomede's Cuirass (chest), Gauntlets of Diomede (gloves), Diomede's Legplates (pants), Diomede's Sabatons (boots), Helm of Diomede (helm)

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