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Name: Small Dagger Item Guide - Off Hand Smalldagger
Attack: 1
Defence: 0
Special: N/A
Location:Bazaar [Burden's Rest]: 170 gold, Gift [Equipment]
Description: N/A

Name: Kris Item Guide - Off Hand Kris
Attack: 4
Defence: 1
Special: N/A
Location: Bazaar [The Fallows]: 10,000 gold
Description: N/A

Name: Doomed Bandit's Dagger Item Guide - Off Hand Doomed_Bandits_Dagger
Attack: 7
Defence: 1
Special: MAX Energy +5 while equipped
Location: Quest [Faerdark Valley]: Monster Cave - Lurking Horror Mini Boss (Nightmare)
Description: N/A

Name:Flash Blade Item Guide - Off Hand FlashBlade
Attack: 7
Defence: 3
Special: N/A
Location: Raid: Ataxes, Briareus the Butcher [Rare]
Description: A marvel of Elven craftsmanship, the sword is long and sturdy, yet feels light in the wielders grasp as a dagger. This even the least coordinated swordsman can wield it in their left hand

Name: Celeano's Claw .Item Guide - Off Hand Celeanos_Claw
Attack: 9
Defence: 1
Special: N/A
Location: Raid: Celeano [Epic]
Description: The foul Harpy's claw is razor sharp. Able to rend flesh effortlessly. Wounds inflicted by this vicious weapon are almost always infected, so that those who survive the cut die a lingering death

Name: Masamune
Item Guide - Off Hand The_Masamune
Attack: 8
Defence: 11
Special: N/A
Location: Raid: Tainted Erebus [Epic]
Description: During his winter years the smith who forged the muramasa, became paranoid that his Bloodthirsty blade would one day come and strike him down, so he crafted the Masamune, a sword imbued with protective magic and kept it by his side at all times.

Name: Lady Eloise's Sceptre
Item Guide - Off Hand Lady_Elouises_Scepter
Attack: 10
Defence: 7
Special: MAX Energy +10 while equipped
Location: Was in the Bazaar July 1 - 31
Description: N/A


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