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Name: Leather Boots Item Guide - Boots Leatherboots
Attack: 0
Defence: 1
Special: N/A
Location: Buy them in the Bazaar for 500 gold.
Description: The rugged footwear of a labourer. About as fashionable as the plague, but tough and hard-wearing

Name: Studded Leather Boots Item Guide - Boots StuddedLeatherboots
Attack: 1
Defence: 1
Special: N/A
Location: Bought for 500 at the Bazaar.
Description: N/A

Name: Bronze Boots Item Guide - Boots BronzeBoots
Attack: 1
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Buy in the Bazaar for 2000 gold. (Once you reach Faedark Valley)

Name: Steel Boots Item Guide - Boots SteelBoots
Attack: 2
Defence: 3
Special: N/A
Location: In the Bazaar once you reach the Fallows
Description: N/A

Name: Chain Boots Item Guide - Boots Chainboots
Attack: 2
Defence: 4
Special: N/A
Location: Uncommon loot from Ataxes
Description: You clatter when you try to dance but at least your feet are protected.

Name: Diomede's Boots Item Guide - Boots Diomedesboots
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
Special: N/A
Location: N/A
Description: N/A

Name: The Warwalker's Boots Item Guide - Boots Thewarwalkersboots
Attack: 5
Defence: 7
Special: N/A
Location: Epic loot from Chieftain Horgrak
Description: Carnus the Warwalker was a dreaded general. It is said that where he walked, death and destruction quickly followed. This is perhaps the source of the legends associated with his boots and their supposed abilities to infuse their wearer with Carnus' might.

Name: Adamantite Boots Item Guide - Boots Adamantiteboots
Attack: 4
Defence: 10
Special: N/A
Location: Rare loot from Cheifitain Horgrak
Description: Boots made from Adamantite are extremely rare. Once the Kingdoms mines were depleted of that valuable metal the monarch order all Adamantite gauntlets and boots to be melted down so that more breastplates could be fashioned instead

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