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Name: Barrel Lid Item Guide - Shields BarrelLid
Attack: 0
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Loot from Mazalu. (Boss)
Description: The lid of a wooden barrel, once used to secure turnips, ow employed as a makeshift shield. Not the most efficient means of protection but its better than nothing

Name: Small Shield Item Guide - Shields Smallshield
Attack: 1
Defence: 3
Special: N/A
Location: Bought from the Bazaar for 500 gold.
Description: N/A

Name: Medium Shield Item Guide - Shields MediumShield
Attack: 2
Defence: 4
Special: N/A
Location: Buy in the Bazaar for 1500 (Once you reach Faedark Valley)
Description: N/A

Name: Tower Shield Item Guide - Shields TowerShield
Attack: 2
Defence: 6
Special: N/A
Location: In the Bazaar once you reach the Fallows
Description: N/A

Name: Batwing Shield Item Guide - Shields BatwingShield
Attack: 4
Defence: 10
Special: N/A
Location: Epic loot from Cheiftane Hograk
Description: The blacksmith who fashioned it was inspired by a children's tale about a monsters whose wings were said to be like a shield of steel.

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