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Name: Plough Horse Item Guide - Mounts PloughHorse
Attack: 2
Defence: 4
Special: Equine Might Increases Players Defence by 2.
Location: Get it in the Tutorial.
Description: A strong and enduring teed, bred and raised for farm work, not ideal for charging off into battle, but better than walking

Name: Solus Item Guide - Mounts Solus
Attack: 5
Defence: 5
Special: Insight: Increases Critical Hit chance by 2%
Location: You gain this mount upon beating General Grune the first time.
Description: The blue dragon whelp gazes out at the world with curious, intelligent eyes. He seems to understand every word you say to him and in battle he has the uncanny ability to anticipate your commands before you give them

Name: Tiger Item Guide - Mounts Tiger
Attack: 3
Defence: 7
Special: Pouce: Reduces Damage taken by 35%
Location: In the Bazaar for 50,000 Gold (Once you reach Faedark Valley)
Description: It appears that whilst most of these animals were savage and untamed. the bandits trained a few to serve as mounts. You feel a little nervous about riding a mount with teeth and claws capable of rending your flesh but it seems docile enough

Name: Unicorn Item Guide - Mounts Unicorn
Attack: 9
Defence: 4
Special: Charge: Increases damage by 15%
Location: Rare loot from Mazalu
Description: Hunters sometimes stalk unicorns hoping to capture them or kill them for their horns. This almost invariably turn out bad for them however. Though children stories depict them as frolicking creatures, a charge from a unicorns horn is deadly.

Name: Tiresias Item Guide - Mounts Tiresias
Attack: 12
Defence: 12
Special: Tiresias' Breath: Increase Damage by 25%
Location: Bought in the Limited time offers for 30 Planet Coins
Description: Tiresias was considered the wisest of all dragons. He did his best to guide man and wyrm alike towards peace, but no avail. When the first dragon war ended he withdrew to a hidden place and slumbered. Now he has returned to fight evil

Name: Pegasus Item Guide - Mounts Pegasus
Attack: 15
Defence: 10
Special: Areial Assult: Increase Critial chance by 5%
Location: Craft recopies, You need all 7 flutes.
Description: Rich nobles and powerful rulers will pay almost anything to procure one of these winged horses. They are impressive symbols of one's wealth and the thought of flying across the sky is tempting indeed. They are smart and usually evade capture.

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