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Name: Ruth the Miser Item Guide - Generals RuththeMiser
Attack: 2
Defence: 2
Special: Money Changer: (Passive) Reduces bank deposit fee by 1.5% per level
Location: Buy for 5000 gold in the Bazaar.
Description: Ruth was never too popular in Burde's Rest due to her miserly ways and unhealthy attachment to the coin. But she is exceptionally proficient at managing money and can ensure that you don't lose too much to unscrupulous bankers.

Name: Medea Item Guide - Generals Medea
Attack: 3
Defence: 5
Special: Medea's Melody: Increases players Physical attack.
Location: Loot from Elven Caravan
Description: Medea is one of the famed elven bards, warrior-musicians who wield both song and steel in combat. The melodies from the harp can turn the tide of a battle, inspiring her allies and filling with the strength and courage to triumph

Name: Roland Item Guide - Generals Roland
Attack: 3
Defence: 6
Special: Adventures Spirit: Increases players Attack and Defence
Location: Loot in Town Square
Description: In his youth, Roland travelled the world as an adventurer, weaving a web of steel with his twin blades, his life a tapestry of death defying deeds and glorious battles. But at last he is retired and went to live the quiet life of a barkeep in Burden's Rest

Name: Machaon the Healer Item Guide - Generals MachaontheHealer
Attack: 7
Defence: 7
Special: Rejuvenating Light: Chance to restore health energy and stamina
Location: Purchase from the Limited time offers for 30 Planet Coins
Description: When he was a young boy, Machaon's parents and sister died to a virulent plague which swept through their town. Machaon somehow survived and dedicated him self to the study of healing magic. Now he walks the land tending to the sick and the injured.

Name: Pyromancer Elyssa Item Guide - Generals PyromancerElyssa
Attack: 14
Defence: 3
Special: Fire Ball: Chance for bonus Damage
Location: Can be bought for 30 Planet coins in the Bazaar
Description: Elyssa's studies at the Arcane Acadamy were cut short when she was expelled for setting another mage's hair on fire. Now she both earns a living and satisfies her pyromania by putting her magical talents to use as a mercenary

Name: Angus the Red Item Guide - Generals Angusthered
Attack: 12
Defence: 8
Special: Rage: Increases a players maximum stmina
Location: Can be crafted with Angus's clothes.
Description: The Red Shaman are avengers, dedicated to visiting righteous retribution upon those who harm the followers of their god. And so Angus has come, called forth by the shedding of pious blood. Woe betide those who have incurred his wrath

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