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Post  Kalevra on Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:27 am

first of all, to everyone taking a sabbatical ( nutritional, Rican) No Prob, its a game and RL is WAY more important.

2. I will be discontinuing all guild raids till rage talon is dead, this is gonna be a tough fight people, give it all you got.

also I am BUSTING MT BUTT to get certian peoples raids out of the Gutter, I hope will return the favor.

and on that note, im C/P'ing something ridiculous I just did to Dans Nightmare General Grune

Kalevra critically hit for 40,179 damage!!
General Grune attacked Kalevra for 0 damage
You plundered 502 gold
You gained 18 experience
Li's Blinding Powder blocked all incoming damage and contributed 877 damage.
Haste has triggered a second attack for free!
Kalevra critically hit for 40,694 damage!!
General Grune attacked Kalevra for 4 damage
You plundered 520 gold
You gained 12 experience


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