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Name: Farmhand Item Guide - Troops Farmhand
Attack: 1
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Buy for 100 gold at the Bazaar
Description: The Farmhand's of Burden's Rest may not be skilled warriors but their bodies have been toughened by the years of hard work in the fields. Now they take up pitchfork and scythe, ready to battle against those who would threaten their land.

Name: Town Guard Item Guide - Troops TownGuard
Attack: 2
Defence: 3
Special: N/A
Location: Buy for 500 gold at the Bazaar.
Description: Life was easy for the town guards of Burden's Rest. They had little to do but break up brawls in the town square and see off the occasional group of bandits. But war has come to their little town and they must raise sword and shield to defend it.

Name: Silver Arrow Item Guide - Troops SilverArrow
Attack: 3
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Buy from the Bazaar for 100o gold. (When you reach (Faedark Valley)
Description: It's customary for elves to practice with the bow from early childhood. Those who show exceptional promise are picked up and trained to join the silver arrows, the elite archers who make up the backbone of elven armies.

Name: Golden Garden Monk Item Guide - Troops GoldenGardenMonk
Attack: 4
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Loot from Bloody fingers' camp quests.
Description: The order of the Golden Garden believes that evil beings must be vanquished wherever they are found. They see suffering as a barrier to enlightenment, and hence those who inflict it on others are their sworn enemies.

Name: Night Blade Item Guide - Troops Nightblade
Attack: 5
Defence: 1
Special: N/A
Location: Un-common loot from Chieftain Horgrak
Description: The Night Blades are the most feared Assassins in the kingdom. Some of their targets have been known to commit suicide once they have learned those hired killers are after them, realising that death is inevitable and preferring to die on there own terms.

Name: Spell Slinger Item Guide - Troops SpellSlinger
Attack: 6
Defence: 2
Special: N/A
Location: Un-common loot from Chieftain Horgrak
Description: Most Elven mages appreciate a life of quiet scholarship or else dignified service to the realm. However, there are those that find such things incredibly tiresome, they prefer to see the word and often find work as spell-slinger-Mercenary mages.

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